About Us – Where We’ve Been

It’s Been Quite a Ride -- Let’s take a trip back to 1990.

It was the 2nd year in office for President Bush. That’s President George H.W. Bush, also known as ’41.’ It was the year of ‘Operation Desert Storm.’ ‘The Simpsons’ made its debut on Fox. A postage stamp costs 25-cents. A gallon of gas averaged $1.08. Buster Douglas shocked Mike Tyson to win the heavyweight boxing title.

In golf, Nick Faldo captured two of golf’s four majors that year. Jack Nicklaus won his 1st start on the SENIOR PGA Tour after turning 50 in January, while a 14-year old named Tiger Woods won his 2nd Junior World Golf Championship for Boys 13-14.

1990 was also a very special year for us. “Long Island Golfer Magazine” was born – a magazine that would later become “Golfing Magazine” – dedicated solely to golf and golfers here on the Island.

In 2014 we celebrated our 25th year and it really has been quite a ride. The late 90s saw a golf explosion (the so-called ‘Tiger factor’) with new courses built here and everywhere to accommodate the influx of people, young and not-so-young, who decided to take up the game. The next decade (the 00’s) saw its share of excitement, with a spotlight on a certain course called “Bethpage Black” which gained
worldwide attention in hosting two U.S. Opens.

It’s also fair to say that back in 1990, there weren’t NEARLY as many charity fundraiser golf outings as we have today.

From 1990 to the present, there have many changes and challenges for the golf industry. We continue to rebound from a difficult recession, but those on the inside maintain the foundation of the industry remains solid, with golf’s best days yet to come. We fully agree with that assessment as we leave the absolutely miserable winter of 2014 behind to get back out there and enjoy the game we all love. Of course, we couldn’t have done any of this without you - the golfers of Long Island. The magazine began as a way to fill a void and serve local golfers, and that mission continues. Here’s to another 25 years!

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