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Jordan Spieth's assortment of unorthodox moves proves there is no perfect way to swing a golf club.  Frequently described as “a well-rounded player,” but not great in any one area, Spieth’s model of consistency and overall strokes gained from tee to green proved to be a winning formula for the 2015 Tour Championship and FedEx Cup winner and new #1 player in the World.

SWINGCLICK is the only training device that provides the consistency, timing and rhythm that will improve your golf swing and strokes per round just like the pros.  The swing training device straps to your forearm providing auditory feedback or “click” at three critical points in the golf swing: the top of the back swing, at impact and on the follow through.

Tour professionals know how important it is to find the top of the back swing and that doesn’t always mean getting the club near parallel.  J.B. Holmes hits the ball on average 330 yards but doesn’t swing the club full and loose like Bubba Watson or Phil Mickelson.

The full swing isn’t necessary to hit the ball solid and the furthest distance. The key is knowing where the top of your back swing is and repeating that motion consistently. SWINGCLICK helps train your brain to feel the top of your swing when you hear the click. This creates the proper timing and transition for a solid golf swing.

“Instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn how to swing the club at optimum speed,” said Mike Quinn, Managing Director of SWINGCLICK and former Sunshine Tour player.  “SWINGCLICK teaches golfers that elusive concept of timing and rhythm – being able to stay patient at the top and not getting too quick in your transition. “We’ve seen players improving their distance by 10 yards per club, merely by improving their rhythm with the SWINGCLICK.”

The longest drivers on tour gain more than one stroke per round every week.  Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson average 20 yards longer than the Tour average gaining 280 yards on the rest of the field. That’s a notable advantage. Practicing with SWINGCLICK allows golfers to feel the correct timing and tempo for their golf swing producing a more consistent, optimum and powerful swing.

SWINGCLICK is also designed to help your short game distance control.  On average, amateur golfers hit half their shots to within 37 feet of the hole from 100 yards out in the fairway. By twisting the device clockwise, it can be set in additional positions to practice shorter swings. SWINGCLICK will improve the accuracy of your short-iron shots dramatically. 

SWINGCLICK was one of the featured new products at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show and the 2015 International Network of Golf Conference.

For more information, swing tips and product videos, go to swingclickgolf.com. The retail price for SWINGCLICK is $29.99.  To purchase go to Amazon.com, Amazon.ca (search SWINGCLICK). 

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