When does the next issue of the magazine come out?
Mid January. The Cover Feature is the Four Seasons Lanai in Hawaii — a spectacular golf resort destination. The issue will last until March/April. Not only is it distributed here on Long Island but it will also be at the PGA Show in Orlando in January.
Is the FREE GOLF Program really worth it?
If you want to play free golf it is. We understand there are restrictions of when you could play. When you think about it the only times you really can’t play are Fridays and Saturdays. Yes there is a cart fee at most of the courses but YOU’RE GETTING THE CART. Your golf is FREE. It is certainly better to pay just the cart fee to play. With the Free Golf Program you’re getting almost $400 worth of golf and it’s costing you $49 and depending on the courses you play — a minimal cart fee. If you play just one or two of the courses your pretty much ahead of the game. So I suggest signing up today. You could do it right here on the website or call the office at 516-822-5446.
How often is Long Island Golfing Magazine published?
Golfing Magazine is published five times per year — March, May, July, Sept., and Dec.
Are there more public or private golf courses on Long Island?
It is pretty well split — which is a nice mix. With over 140 golf courses, Long Island is truly is a golf mecca for those of us who live here.
Are there more golf courses in Nassau County or Suffolk County?
Well let’s include Queens in the mix. Geographically Queens IS on Long Island. If you take Nassau and Queens there is about the same number of courses there as there is in Suffolk.